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Lumi Interactive based in Melbourne, Australia.

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January 2018


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164 King’s Way, South Melbourne,



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Critter Clash is a swing and sling mobile game. Using slingshot mechanics players must build a team of animals and knock other player’s animals out of their branches to win.

Aim with animals and shoot down those dang monkeys!

Get ready Sergeant Monkey, the enemy is coming to knock you out of your tree!

Get off your buns and scramble together your best critters! Combine sneaky sloths, mad monkeys and hissing snakes together to take down your enemy before they knock you off your branch. 

Are you out of your tree, or just ready to battle with your animal party in the PvP battle arena? Build up your team and battle in the treetops! 

Sling your animal missiles at your opponent and discover the best combination of poison, rock, fire and brimstone to guide you to victory!

● Battle players from around the world in real-time
● Defeat your enemies to rank up and progress through the leagues 
● Watch top player matches on Monkey TV to learn from the pros!
● Challenge your friends to a duel
● Construct your ultimate team of animals
● Upgrade and unlock your animals - they all have different attacks and abilities
● Daily and weekly quests, plus exciting in-game events
● Take down your enemies to win bananas and unlock rewards, chests, animals and more.

Streamers :)

Are you a streamer or influencer looking to work with us?

We can:

  • provide access to certain features and previews

  • collaborate on in-game content and events with you

  • stream live with you :D

  • give you access to assets for your channel

  • feature you on our channels

We’d love to hear from you about potential collaboration, email us at



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Team & Collaborators

Lauren Clinnick CEO

Katie Stegs - Marketing Director

Christina Chen - Chief Game Officer

Mandy Bo - Technical Artist

Nicholas Cochrane - Data Analyst

Nik Pantis - Producer

Kaiyang Liu - Programmer

Beatriz Bravo - QA and Support

Skaidris Gunsmith - Community Manager

Jump Games - Development Team