1. Hey Early Birds!

    Critter Clash is launching globally in a few short weeks!

    We’re looking for more beta testers so we can make the game the best possible version it can be! If you want to support us by pre-registering you’ll get access to the exclusive Founder’s Pack, available to beta testers and players who pre-register here.

founders pack graphic v2.png

The Founders Pack includes:

1 x Muncher: “Just a banana pig with banana dreams.” Muncher is a great addition to your team as an offensive and healing character.

1 x Founder’s Frame for your avatar with animal ears =^_^=

100 x Diamonds: Used to buy chests to get new animals for your team

200 x Fire Stones: Used to buy Super or Legendary Chests

1000 x Bananas: Used to upgrade your team :)

This is a one time offer for our pre-registered and beta players.

2. Pre-register on Google Play to get the Welcome Pack!

We’ll send this to you when the game is launched globally as a thank you for supporting our small studio :)

welcome pack-updated.png

The Welcome Pack includes:

- 1 x The Chameleon: There are two types of Chameleon in the Critterverse! Shape Shift Chameleon can transform into any other non-hero animal and use their attacks. Sharp Tongue Chameleon attacks with it's tongue, sometimes hitting a target's weakness. Truly Deadly! When attacking an animal, this Chameleon has a 50% chance of dealing three times the damage.

*Chameleons are special Critters only playable within a certain time period. They will disappear from your team and go back into the jungle after the event ends.

- 100 x Fire Stones: Used to buy Super or Legendary Chests

- 3000 Bananas! Used to upgrade animals!


Founders Pack:

When you sign up for the Founders Pack code, we will immediately send you a link to download the beta version of the game along with a code to redeem your Founder’s Pack.

Welcome Pack:

When you pre-register through google play, you will receive a push notification to download the game on the day of our global launch and you will need to have the game installed and log in within 7 days to receive the Welcome Pack.

All pre-registration and beta rewards can only be claimed once per e-mail.

Participating in this event through any unauthorized method may disqualify you from the pre-registration reward.

This special reward is not related to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and is a special promotion from us to you :)

For questions or customer support, please contact https://lumi-interactive.helpshift.com