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Critter Clash is a real-time multiplayer game featuring the whole animal kingdom! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Build your team and battle your friends in the jungle!

Knock down your enemies from their treetop branches and slingshot your way to victory. Defeat your enemies with a variety of weapons, battle props and cunning!

Decide where to place your animals and what strategy to use to get to the top of the jungle! No matter what, there's is no substitute for a bit of quick thinking in this game of monkey madness.


● Sling shot mechanic

● Battle players from around the world in real-time

● Defeat your enemies to rank up and progress through the ranks.

● Construct your ultimate team of animals

● Upgrade and unlock your animals - they all have different attacks and abilities

● Daily and weekly quests, plus exciting in-game events

● Active online community.